10 oz - 20 oz White Flat Tear Back Lid for Hot Cup

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Embrace convenience and versatility with our Hot Cup Tear-Back Lids. These plastic lids are meticulously designed to fit a wide range of cup sizes from 10 to 20 ounces, reducing the risk of spilling hot beverages and the fear that comes with it.

These tear-back lids are compatible with multiple cup sizes allowing for interchangeability between sizes. This not only eliminates any confusion over lid / cup compatibility but also significantly reduces product inventory.

These tear-back lids feature a specially designed tear tab that can be easily folded back, allowing your hot beverages to cool down without the need to remove the lid. This feature lets customers enjoy their drinks hassle-free, whether it's coffee, hot cocoa, warm cider, or any other hot beverage.

Moreover, these tear-back lids have an intelligently designed canal running around the inner rim. This feature effectively contains any accidental spills, preventing them from dripping onto the floor or any other surfaces.

Invest in our tear-back hot cup lids and elevate your customers' beverage experience while simplifying your inventory management.