TruShot 2.0® Power Cleaner & Degreaser 1/Ea

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Part of TruShot 2.0® Mobile Dispensing System

Effectively removes adhesives, oils, grease, baked-on oven soils, dirt and grime. Powerful non-butyl, alkaline formulation with soil-lifting surfactants for exceptional cleaning. Up to 12.3 Diluted In-Use Litres/ cartridge, only $3.25/L. Compare that to other ready-to-use trigger brands for up to $15/ 1L!

Ideal for a variety of hard non-porous surfaces such as walls, sinks, counter-tops, cabinets and glass surfaces and exterior surfaces of kitchen equipment.

Concentrated power cleaner and degreaser in a portable, no-spill, 10 fl. oz. cartridge. Our integrated metering system in each cartridge provides worry-free dilution delivery.

Keep crews moving with our patented spray-and-wipe cleaning system that provides optimized dilution delivery. The easy-to-use system requires no mixing, measuring or stopping and its fully intuitive design will have cleaning crews using it in minutes.

The no-spill, 10-oz. concentrate cartridges snap directly into the trigger dispenser and the pre-labeled cartridges ensure you comply with OSHA workplace labeling compliance. The on-board 10-oz. water reservoir easily fills at any water source reducing re-supply trips to the closet.

Using our high-quality SC Johnson Professional® TruShot 2.0™ hard surface chemistries, this patented system simplifies dilution dispensing and replaces wall-mounted or other concentrate dispensing systems.

Areas of Use:

  • Building Service Contractors
  • Office & Commercial Facilities
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Education