The Quick NQ 100 Wall Mount

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The Wall Mount Kit for The Quick Commercial Cordless Stick Vacuum. A perfect companion to your high-performance cleaning tool, this kit ensures easy, secure, and efficient storage of your vacuum.

Specially designed to hold your Quick vacuum along with its accessories, this Wall Mount Kit allows you to neatly store your equipment off the floor, freeing up valuable workspace in your space. Whether you're a small restaurant or providing janitorial services, space management is crucial, and this kit is your solution.

Installation is simple and straightforward, designed with your convenience in mind. Once mounted, it provides a secure holding area for your Quick vacuum, ensuring it is safe and ready to perform whenever needed.

Along with convenience, this Wall Mount Kit promotes longevity of your Quick vacuum by providing a proper storage solution. By keeping your vacuum off the floor, you minimize the risk of accidental damage, thus ensuring the extended lifespan of your cleaning tool.

At Empire Cash & Carry, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions for your commercial cleaning needs. The Wall Mount Kit for the Quick vacuum is a testament to that commitment, enhancing not only your storage needs but also the efficiency and longevity of your vacuum.

Key Features:
- Custom-designed for the Quick vacuum
- Simple, straightforward installation
- Secure, off-the-floor storage
- Promotes longevity of vacuum
- Ideal for commercial space management

Upgrade your storage solution with Empire Cash & Carry's Wall Mount Kit for the Quick Vacuum – enhancing your commercial cleaning experience by ensuring a secure, space-efficient solution.