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Each jug makes up to 201 Litres of in-use product, only $0.07/Litre

This specially balanced blend of low-foaming surfactants is designed for extraction on all types of carpets and upholstery. This formula rinses easily and cleans dirt without damaging fibres or leaving a sticky residue behind. Built-in malodour counteractants help eliminate odors at their source.

Product Directions: Prepare carpet by vacuuming to remove particles and dirt. If spot treating, spray all stains with spot treatment, and let product penetrate stain as directed. Dilute 5 mL/L (1:200) of water. If carpet is heavily soiled, 10 mL/L (1:100) of water. Follow operating instructions on extraction equipment. Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before allowing traffic. Refer to product SDS.

Application: Recommended for use with steam and hot water extractors on all types of carpeting, upholstery and rugs

Features/Benefits: Spray and let air dry on fabrics and upholstery, no wiping required


Colour: Green Scent: Mint

pH: 8.5 Diluted

Dilution: 1:200, 1:100

Density: 1.03-1.06