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This product quickly unlocks the molecular structure of all types of floor finishes and sealers. It is great for cutting wax build-up, grease, oil and dirt. The unique chemical elements penetrate, dissolve and lift the wax to the surface to be picked up easily. There is no strong chemical odour associated with the product. Safe for use on all floors not harmed by water.

Normal Strip: Dilute 33 mL/L (1:30) of water.
Heavy Strip: Dilute 62.5 mL/L (1:16) of water.

Recommended for water-based acrylic and urethane fortified floors or finishes from all types of resilient tile and hard surfaces

Specially formulated to quickly and easily remove floor finish.
Reduces labour costs associated with floor refinishing.
Easy to rinse formulation with low odour.

Up to 31 Litres in-use, only $0.80/Litre in-use cost!