Quick Pod for NQ 100 Vacuum 10/Pack

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Empire Cash & Carry introduces the 10-pack Filter Pods, tailor-made for The Quick Commercial Cordless Stick Vacuum from Nacecare. These pods are an essential component of your high-performance cleaning tool, designed to provide efficient filtration and easy disposal.

These commercial-grade filter pods capture even the smallest particles, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for businesses, public spaces, long-term care facilities, or even your home. 

The powerful, 2-speed cleaning performance of your Quick vacuum is very powerful for its size and these pods feature 99.97% efficiency filtration for enhanced removal of small particulates resulting in improved air quality.

We at Empire Cash & Carry understand most people will look at the price, and price only, then determine what to buy. However, many low-priced "stick vacuums" filter at 90% or less dumping back dust particles, allergens and more resulting in poor air quality. 
Each pod is thoughtfully crafted from recycled material, making them not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. They underline Empire Cash & Carry's commitment to sustainability while offering you a greener cleaning solution.

The design of these filter pods allows for dust-free emptying, ensuring minimal exposure to collected debris and allergens, a key consideration for businesses focusing on sanitation and hygiene. Compare that to the "bagless" vacuums which tend to set off a large dust plume when dumped.

One of the standout features of these filter pods is the 'Pod Full' indicator light, which alerts you when the pod needs replacement, ensuring uninterrupted and optimal cleaning performance.

Packed in a convenient 10-pack, these filter pods offer you the ease of bulk purchasing. This allows you to have a ready stock of replacements, minimizing downtime in your cleaning schedule.

Key Features:
- Designed for the Quick vacuum
- Made from recycled material
- Dust-free emptying
- Pod Full indicator feature
- Pack of 10 for convenient bulk purchasing

Invest in Empire Cash & Carry's 10-pack Filter Pods for the Quick Vacuum – a greener, efficient, and convenient solution to keep your cleaning standards high."