QT-40 Quat Test Kit - Paper and Chart

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Stay compliant and maintain pristine hygiene with Noble's QT-40 Quat Test Kit. This efficient, reliable, and user-friendly sanitizing test kit is an integral part of our range of janitorial supplies, aligning perfectly with our green cleaning solutions approach. 

The kit offers an economical way to measure the concentration of Quaternary Sanitizers in your sanitizing solutions, providing colour matches at 0-150-200-400-500ppm (parts per million). It's capable of detecting solution exhaustion, preventing wastage, and avoiding the overuse of sanitizing agents – a key aspect of sustainable, health-conscious cleaning practices.

The QT-40 Quat Test Kit is trusted by professionals in the food service industry to ensure their sanitizing solutions are within the specified concentration range, aiding in the pursuit of the highest levels of sanitation.

Incorporate the Noble QT-40 Quat Test Kit into your cleaning & sanitizing regimen and experience the difference that a commitment to quality, health, safety, and environmental care can make. At Empire Cash & Carry, we deliver more than just cleaning supplies; we deliver peace of mind.