Mean Green Industrial Strength Degreaser / Cleaner

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    • Industrial, Commercial or Home Use:
    • Even with 40% more cleaning ingredients, Mean Green Industrial Strength is still the best value for the industrial user. Tough jobs, big or small, there is a size that is just right for you. Ask your supplier today to ensure the appropriate size of Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser is available for your tough job.

      • Maximum cleaning power
      • Eliminates grease & grime
      • Dissolves oil
      • Removes soap scum
      • No harmful fumes

      a black square with white letters    NONFOOD COMPOUNDS PROGRAM LISTED A1 143432

    • For Home:
    • Multi-surface cleaner that cuts through tough grease and grime
    • Use on indoor jobs such as: countertops, floors, greasy stoves, range hoods, soap scum, carpets, toilets, tub and tile, and more
    • Use on outdoor jobs to get rid of stains, grease and grime on tires, boats, vinyl siding, patio furniture, lawn equipment, driveway, grease/oil stains, decks, and more
    • Contains no bleach, acid or ammonia
    • Biodegradable
  • Dilute up to 10:1 and your powerful cleaning and degreasing solution becomes very low-cost to use.