MacAllister's Triple Play Industrial Grade 946ml

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MacAllister’s Triple Play – Industrial Grade Cleaner/Degreaser – RTU

Highly Concentrated and powerful Multipurpose Cleaner to be used in almost any application. On contact disintegrates, emulsifies and dispenses grease, oil, carbon, grime, wax and adhesives. Removes organic and inorganic stains, rust, ink, crayon marks, scuffs, etc. from almost any surface. The rate of concentration may vary from 1% to full strength depending on the following factors:

– Nature and degree of soil
– Nature of surface

USE TRIPLE PLAY INDUSTRIAL GRADE as a degreaser instead of PETROLEUM SOLVENTS and eliminate fire and health hazards.

USE TRIPLE PLAY INDUSTRIAL GRADE to degrease and clean engines and equipment, garage floors, asphalt, air conditioning systems and oil spills.

USE TRIPLE PLAY INDUSTRIAL GRADE as an institutional cleaner, to clean aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, vinyl, leather and carpets.

USE TRIPLE PLAY INDUSTRIAL GRADE in steam jennies and pressure washing systems to clean and prevent corrosion and scaling.

TRIPLE PLAY INDUSTRIAL GRADE is certified to clean and prepare metal surfaces prior to applications of coatings and paint.

CAUTION: TRIPLE PLAY INDUSTRIAL GRADE used in excess of 10% may cause damage to alkyd coatings and paint.

FOOD PLANT USE: Surfaces subject to contact with food must be rinsed thoroughly with potable water after cleaning procedure. Avoid contamination of food during storage and use.


Made proudly in Canada!