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Lavo Pro 6 Concentrated Liquid Bleach removes stains, cleans, and deodorizes. Use where maximum disinfection is required, and it restores whiteness to linens and extends fabric longevity.

Bleach can be used for an assortment of applications, like removing stains from laundry, keeping white fabrics white, disinfecting surfaces, and water treatment. This bleach delivers an ideal concentration of sodium hypochlorite for safe and diverse use. The product is great for healthcare, food service, and residential use. The easy-to-pour bottle allows for safe, convenient delivery.

    • Disinfecting bleach removes a variety of soils, bacteria, and viruses 
    • Provides hard surface sanitation 
    • Helps control bacteria and algae for water treatment 
    • Contains 6% sodium hypochlorite 
    • Handle with care while wearing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
    • For use in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, food service areas, households 
    • Bleaching agent for laundry 
    • Ready-to-use solution can be diluted depending on the application
    • NSF Certified
    • For routine disinfecting, laundry whitening, water treatment

DIN # 02358107