Kraft Packing Paper 18" x 225'

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Special purchase - premium 18" x 225' Kraft Packing Paper - a trusted companion for all your packing needs.

This all-purpose packaging material is light yet durable, perfect for cushioning your products, economically filling voids associated with shipping, preventing any damages during transit.

Our Kraft Packing Paper is not just efficient but also eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled content, hence contributing towards a sustainable future. It comes with end plugs to fit seamlessly with paper dispensers, making packing a smooth, hassle-free task.

What's more, our Kraft Packing Paper also doubles as an efficient covering material, ideal for wrapping boxes and books, ensuring your goods are well protected from dirt, moisture, and scratches.

**Key Features:**

- **Multi-Purpose:** Great for wrapping, covering, and filling voids in packages.
- **Sustainable:** Made with 100% recycled content, contributing to a greener planet.
- **Damage Protection:** Efficiently safeguards your goods from damage, moisture, and scratches.
- **Easy to Use:** Comes with end plugs to fit paper dispensers perfectly.