Henry Proserve Vacuum w/Sidewinder Kit

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Presenting the Henry Proserve Vacuum with Sidewinder Kit, a cutting-edge addition to your commercial cleaning supplies, designed to outperform your previous appliances while consuming 40% less energy. This compact yet powerful commercial vacuum has been engineered for exceptional efficiency and longevity, thanks to its 680-watt vacuum motor with a 2000+ hour life.

**Standard Features:**

- **Energy Efficient:** 40% less energy consumption compared to older models.
- **Improved Performance:** 20% enhancement in overall vacuuming performance.
- **Extended Motor Life:** Durable 680-watt vacuum motor with over 2000 hours of life.
- **High-Efficiency Filtration:** Proficient 0.3 micron filtration at 98.6% efficiency for improved Indoor Air Quality.
- **Specs:** 5-year motor warranty, 2.5-gallon tank capacity, 120 CFM airflow, and 100" water lift, quiet 47 dB(A).

With its CRI approval, LEED-EB* compliance, and a 5-year motor warranty, this canister vacuum guarantees quality, durability, and efficiency. In addition, the new plug cable system simplifies power cord changes, while the polypropylene tanks promise maximum durability and mobility.

Whether you're seeking to use it in your commercial janitorial business, commercial office space, restaurant, or any number of commercial applications, having a reliable vacuum like our Henry Proserve at your disposal is an absolute necessity. Make cleaning more environmentally friendly, productive, and straightforward with this high-performing Nacecare model.