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Prepare restaurant-quality rice without waiting for water to boil or watching over a pot. The Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker and Food Steamer cooks perfect rice every time, but it does much more than that. Besides preparing all varieties of white and brown rice, the Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker steams food to perfection and cooks prepackaged pasta & rice mixes as well as nutritious, flavourful beans.
Not only will the Digital Simplicity™ Rice Cooker and Food Steamer give you the confidence to expand your menu, it lets you come home to food that’s fully cooked. With its clever Delay Start timer, you have the flexibility to delay the cooking process up to 15 hours in advance. Set it up in the morning and your food will be ready when you get home. What could be easier than that?
● Easy One-Touch Cooking
● Unique Heat/Simmer Function
● Air Tight sealed lid
● Dishwasher safe lid liner
● Cool touch body
● Auto keep warm setting
● 15 hour delay start
● Vegetable steamer rack
● Dishwasher-safe removable non-stick bowl
● Measuring cup and rice paddles included