Filter Queen EnviroPure Filter Wrap 7″

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Introducing the Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wrap by Filter Queen, your ultimate solution to combat unwanted odours and gasses. This product utilizes advanced HEGA (High-Efficiency Gas Absorption) technology, renowned for its exceptional capability to reduce pollutants, such as lingering cooking smells, tobacco smoke, and particularly, pet odours.

A perfect fit for homes and commercial areas with pets or other intense odours such as remnants of smoking, this charcoal filter wrap works tirelessly to ensure your space smells fresh and inviting. Change every 3-6 months to maintain optimal performance, with homes with pets or smokers recommended to change every 3 months for best results.

This package includes one 7" Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wrap. We are proud to be a reliable distributor of top-rated janitorial products for homes and businesses and a trusted provider of eco-friendly janitorial equipment in Cambridge and Southern Ontario.

This is a genuine Filter Queen Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wrap for your Filter Queen Defender at far less than market price. We have a limited number in stock so get them while we have them. Give your space the fresh, clean air it deserves.