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A perfect blend of affordability, durability, and eco-friendliness for all your cleaning and hand-drying needs. With 4,000 quality towels per case, there's enough stock to keep you covered for any situation. Here's why Everest Pro Kraft Towels are a great choice for consumers and businesses alike:

High Absorbency & Softness:
Our multi-fold kraft towels are known for their exceptional absorbency and softness, giving you the most comfortable hand-drying experience. The material efficiently soaks up moisture from surfaces and hands, leaving them clean and dry in no time.

Eco-Friendly & Durable:
Everest Pro Kraft Towels are made from 100% recycled material, making them an environmentally conscious choice. Despite being eco-friendly, these towels are strong and durable, ensuring that they won't tear apart even during heavy use.

Versatile Use:
Equally suitable for homes, offices, and commercial establishments - these towels are perfect for handling everything from small spills to heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Whether you’re operating a restaurant, managing an office, or stocking up at home, Everest Pro Multi-Fold Kraft Towels are your go-to cleaning solution.

Convenient Packaging:
Packaged in a compact, space-saving case of 4,000 towels – it's easy to store them in a small cabinet or closet. The multi-fold design ensures that towels dispense smoothly and efficiently, one at a time, preventing wastage.

Order your Everest Pro Multi-Fold Kraft Towels today and experience the perfect combination of quality, value, and sustainability. Plus, enjoy Free Shipping on bulk orders!

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