Duop Floor To Ceiling Cleaning Mop

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  • A COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS: Forget what you knew about cleaning. Designed from the ground up to make your life easier, the Duop complete cleaning and dusting system is the easiest way to clean, dust, and polish floors, walls, bathroom tiles, windows, ceilings, anything!
  • 60" PROFESSIONAL GRADE TELESCOPIC HANDLE: Duop's most important and integral part is its strong and lightweight aluminum 5-foot telescopic handle. A whole foot longer than most mops and brooms, it allows you to easily reach high and low without having to kneel, stretch, or bend into strenuous positions.
  • REVOLUTIONARY 360 DESIGN FOR LESS STRETCHING & BENDING: As important as the handle itself, the Quickball ball and socket system allows the Duop cleaning heads to revolve at virtually any possible angle, making cleaning a breeze. What's more, the Quickball also provides a means to grip the cleaning head directly and scrub any surface without straining your wrist joints.
  • MULTIPLE INTERCHANGEABLE CLEANING HEAD OPTIONS: As the rest of Duop's parts adapt to fit your needs, so do the removable and interchangeable cleaning heads. You'll find them in three sizes, small, medium, and large, each of them perfect for a different kind of surface. What's more, they're all designed to be low profile, so that they can easily fit in narrow spaces, like beneath furniture.
  • AN ASSORTMENT OF SPECIALIZED MICROFIBER WIPES: Last, but not least, the Duop product line includes multiple different removable microfiber wipe pads. Not only do they specialize in cleaning, dusting, scouring, or glass cleaning, they're also 100% washable and reusable! INCLUDES: 1 x multi-purpose heavy duty cleaning pad. 3 x multi-purpose light duty cleaning pads. 9" x 4" medium pad holder. Handle
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