TruShot 2.0 Starter Pack

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**Revolutionize Your Cleaning Process with the Ultimate Mobile Chemical Dispensing System for Janitors**

Introducing the innovative mobile chemical dispensing system designed to optimize your janitorial tasks, save costs, and enhance efficiency. Boost your cleaning crew's productivity with the patented spray-and-wipe system, which provides the perfect dilution delivery straight to your cleaning bottles.

*Key Benefits:*
- Keep crews moving with a user-friendly and efficient system
- Patented spray-and-wipe cleaning promotes optimal work efficiency
- Precise and optimized dilution delivery for every cleaning task
- No need for mixing and measuring - saves time and energy

Experience the ultimate cleaning solution for your business with our mobile chemical dispensing system that caters to every cleaning need while minimizing labor costs, ensuring labeling compliance, and allowing refills at any water source.

- Easy-to-use mobile design for swift and hassle-free cleaning
- Automatic dilution and delivery system
- Refillable at any water source
- Compliance-friendly labels included in the package

**Don't miss your chance to upgrade your cleaning game! Order now and get 15% off on our starter pack. Transform your janitorial team's efficiency today!**The no-spill, 10-oz. concentrate cartridges snap directly into the trigger dispenser and the pre-labeled cartridges ensure you comply with OSHA workplace labeling compliance. The on-board 10-oz. water reservoir easily fills at any water source reducing re-supply trips to the closet.

Starter pack consists of four chemistries and one trigger sprayer:

  • TruShot 2.0® Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • TruShot 2.0® Restroom Cleaner
  • TruShot 2.0® Power Cleaner & Degreaser
  • TruShot 2.0® Multi-Surface, Restroom Cleaner & Disinfectant
  • SC Johnson Professional® TruShot 2.0® Trigger Dispenser

Areas of use:

  • Office & Commercial Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • More...