8 mil Blue Nitrile Gloves (Short-Cuff) 50/BX

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These 8 mil Blue Nitrile Gloves are designed for diverse applications across automotive, beauty-aesthetics, dental, electronics, emergency services, food processing, hospitality, industrial, and laboratory work. These versatile gloves offer excellent touch sensitivity, elasticity, and flexibility, ensuring unmatched comfort and protection during use.

This 8 mil Blue Nitrile Glove is CFIA compliant, further establishing their reliability and ensuring they pass strict industry standards. Available in various styles and sizes, you can trust our gloves for superior hand protection in any situation.

Key Features:
- 8 mil black nitrile gloves ideal for various industries
- Excellent touch sensitivity, elasticity, and flexibility
- CFIA compliant, meeting industry standards

Invest in reliable, high-quality hand protection with 8 mil Blue Nitrile Gloves. Safeguard your hands from potential hazards while ensuring optimal performance and comfort in multiple applications. Don't compromise on safety and quality – shop now and experience the difference of our 8 mil Blue Nitrile Gloves.