Clear & Coloured Garbage Bags

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Clear LLDPE Garbage Bags, the environmentally friendly and versatile choice for efficient waste disposal. Manufactured from 100% recycled low-density plastic, these durable bags can be made 100% degradable and 100% recyclable. Optimized for domestic and commercial usage, Clear LLDPE Garbage Bags suit various needs with customizable options.

Key Features:
- Made from 100% recycled LLDPE plastic
- Eco-friendly: 100% degradable and 100% recyclable options available
- Flat pack, single-folded, or core-less bags on a roll
- Material options: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, or Compostable resins
- Wide range of thicknesses: from 0.65mil to 6mil
- Strong and adaptable for various applications
- Contributes to reduced environmental impact

Embrace eco-friendly waste disposal with Clear LLDPE Garbage Bags. These customizable bags offer durability, versatility, and an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional waste bags. Upgrade your waste management practices and make a positive impact on the planet – opt for Clear LLDPE Garbage Bags today!