CleanSmart Program - Premium Disinfectant

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Discover elevated cleanliness with the CleanSmart Program's Premium Disinfectant, from Empire Cash & Carry. Engineered for unparalleled disinfection, this EPA-registered solution assures robust protection against a vast array of pathogens. Its concentrated essence ensures simple yet effective application—just spray and wipe. As part of our SmartClean Program, it not only offers paramount disinfection but also masterfully neutralizes malodours. Choose the CleanSmart Program for a sustainable, comprehensive approach to disinfection."

Key Benefits:

  • CleanSmart Excellence: Experience the height of disinfection, aligned with our SmartClean Program's standards.
  • EPA-Registered Power: Designed for comprehensive pathogen protection.
  • Sustainable Focus: Embodying Empire Cash & Carry's commitment to eco-friendly solutions.
  • Odour Mastery: Efficiently counters and neutralizes challenging odours.

946 mL (32 oz)

*CleanSmart Program Products Are Pickup Only