CleanSmart Program - Heavy-Duty Degreaser

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Empower your cleaning regime with our SmartClean Heavy-Duty Degreaser, a core component of the SmartClean Program. Crafted with an industrial-strength formula enriched with 40% more cleaning agents, this product guarantees the highest level of efficiency across diverse settings.

Industrial, Commercial, and Home Use:

  • Unrivaled Efficacy: Boasts maximum cleaning power, effortlessly eliminating grease, grime, and oil residues.
  • Adaptable & Versatile: From tough industrial jobs to domestic cleaning tasks, it's tailored for any challenge.
  • Eco-Conscious Composition: Without harmful fumes and being biodegradable, it champions our sustainable cleaning commitment.
  • Safety Endorsed: Proudly featuring the "NONFOOD COMPOUNDS PROGRAM LISTED A1 143432" emblem, emphasizing its safe use.
  • All-Purpose Utility: A multi-surface cleaner that tackles indoor challenges like countertops, greasy stoves, and soap scum, as well as outdoor tasks such as patio furniture cleaning, driveway stains, and lawn equipment.
  • Eco-Driven Features: Free from bleach, acid, and ammonia, ensuring safety alongside effective cleaning.

946 mL (32 oz)

*CleanSmart Program Products Are Pickup Only