Canadian Shield Reusable Face Shield 20/Pk

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The Canadian Shield is a high-quality plastic face shield that is fully disinfectable and reusable. Each shield is equipped with an adjustable head strap for a customizable, secure fit on all head sizes. Designed with comfort in mind, The Canadian Shield is a safe, reliable, affordable piece of personal protective equipment designed for long-term wear. 
Shields are 100% latex-free.

Features & Benefits
∙ Reusable & Recyclable: The Canadian Shield can be worn 15+ times when properly cleaned and sanitized. The entirety of the face shield, including the red rubber band, can be sanitized for reuse. Please refer to included instructions and follow Public Health guidelines for sanitization and reuse.
∙ Affordable: The Canadian Shield is an affordable PPE option when compared to other disposable shields with limited usage periods. 
∙ Full Coverage: Our face shield exceeds the facial coverage of disposable PPE face shield equivalents, offering optimum coverage from ear-to-ear and hairline-to-neck.
∙ Adjustable: Each shield features an adjustable, red rubber head strap that ensures a snug and secure fit. 
∙ Compatible with Glasses: Our face shield design has been thoroughly tested to fit comfortably with eyeglasses or safety goggles. 
 Sustainable Production: The Canadian Shield is 100% designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada. We’re on a mission to bring PPE manufacturing back to Canada — that’s why we’ve created a sustainable network of North American suppliers.

- Each Canadian Shield comes disassembled and must be assembled prior to use. 
- It is also recommended that each shield is properly sanitized and disinfected prior to each use.