15/16 th Dia. X 48”L - Blue Metal Handle With Heavy Duty Plastic Threaded Tip

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Premium Broom Handles for Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Needs

Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with our selection of durable and ergonomic broom handles from Globe Commercial Products. These broom handles have been designed with commercial cleaning supplies and restaurant cleaning supplies in mind, ensuring optimum results in a variety of settings.

High-Quality Construction & Features

Our 15/16-inch diameter by 48-inch long blue metal handles come equipped with heavy-duty plastic threaded tips, ensuring their durability and strength. Made with advanced pull-winding technology, the composite material guarantees maximum ergonomics and resistance to bending, wear, and moisture absorption. These lightweight, hygienic metal handles also feature nylon standard threaded tips, making them perfect for demanding cleaning tasks.

Ideal for a Range of Uses

Whether you're searching for janitorial supplies for a small business, food service establishment, or even your home, our top-quality broom handles make an excellent addition to your cleaning toolbox. Rely on our broom handles' durability and ergonomic design while sweeping both indoor and outdoor spaces of commercial establishments, restaurants, and offices.

Why Choose Our Broom Handles

- Heavy-duty materials & construction for maximum strength
- Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
- Moisture & bacteria resistant hygienic metal handles
- Lightweight, yet durable & long-lasting

Discover the perfect broom handle for your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs. Explore our collection today and experience the difference in quality and performance that our broom handles provide. Enhance your cleaning efficiency with our reliable and practical broom handles now!