30" X 33" Glad EASY TIE Garbage Bag 90L BLACK 30/Pk

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Glad 11837PAK2 Easy-Tie Garbage Bags, the ultimate solution for all your waste management needs. These large garbage bags, measuring 30" x 33" (76 x 96 cm), are designed to handle your toughest trash, making them perfect for both household and commercial use.

Packaged in a box of 30, these Glad large 90L black garbage bags are designed for high-volume waste disposal. Whether you're cleaning up after a big event or managing day-to-day waste, these bags ensure all your trash is taken care of in a clean and efficient manner.

What sets Glad's garbage bags apart is their 'Guaranteed Strong' commitment. Every bag is robustly designed to withstand heavy loads without tearing or leaking, ensuring your garbage messes are contained and your spaces stay clean.

But strength is not the only thing they offer. Their garbage bags also come with Easy-Tie® handles, a unique design feature that makes bag closure and disposal a breeze. The four flaps are easy to close, making even the fullest bags simple to lift and carry. No more struggles with messy, overflowing bags.

Glad's large-capacity black garbage bags are more than just garbage bags. They promise quality, strength, and convenience. Whether you're dealing with household waste, yard waste, or commercial waste, trust in Glad to provide a strong, reliable solution.

Choose Glad 11837PAK2 Easy-Tie Garbage Bags for a hassle-free waste management experience. With Glad, dealing with trash has never been easier.