26" X 33" Glad 30315 GARBAGE BAGS BLACK 10/Pk

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Trust in GLAD for all your waste disposal needs. GLAD's 10-pack 74L Black Garbage Bags, are made to be strong and sturdy. These bags are your first line of defense against the messiest garbage disasters.

Each GLAD bag is equipped with their signature Easy-Tie® flaps. These flaps are designed to make bag closure and disposal a breeze. Simply tie the flaps, grab the bag, toss it, and you're done. It's a quick and clean process, saving you time and keeping your hands away from the waste.

GLAD 30315 Black Garbage Bags are not just regular garbage bags; they're a promise of quality and reliability. Glad stands by their 'Guaranteed Strong' commitment, ensuring that every bag you use offers superior performance, even when faced with the heaviest loads.

While they champion strength, we also understand the importance of environmental responsibility. That's why they offer a variety of waste management solutions including compostable garbage bags and compost bags. These eco-friendly options serve as an excellent alternative for managing biodegradable waste, helping you reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Choose GLAD for a hassle-free waste management experience. Whether you need regular garbage bags or compostable bags, we have you covered. Let's navigate waste management together, combining convenience, strength, and sustainability.