22 x 24 Regular Garbage Bag Clear 500/CS

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We carry high-quality garbage bags in the common size and weight categories available. Special Orders are available for pallet quantities and up. 

We carry the following most relevant bags:

  • Kitchen garbage bags - White and small
  • Large garbage bags for high-traffic and industrial uses
  • Small garbage bags for offices, black or clear
  • Biodegradable garbage bags for breakdown at dump sites
  • Compostable garbage bags for food waste
  • Heavy-duty garbage bags for contractors and Industrial
  • Odour-resistant garbage bags for outdoor and sensitive areas
  • Recycling bags for commercial and home use
  • Clear garbage bags - Eco-Friendly
  • Black garbage bags - Eco-Friendly

And we also get into oversize and specialty bags for anything from Industrial to Bio-Hazardous waste. Contact us for more information.