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CleanSmart, what is it, how does it work?

We've designed a program that empowers businesses and individuals to make a positive impact on the environment while saving on costs. In this program you purchase the necessary bottles and sprayers you require (nothing fancy or expensive).

Then when the bottle needs to be refilled instead of throwing it in the trash (or recycle for the bottle, trash for the sprayer) just come in and exchange or refill your bottle of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting chemicals without the need to buy new plastic containers and sprayers each time.

Why is Empire Cash & Carry doing this?

Our Mission is simple: reduce plastic waste and help transform our environment.

How much am I really diverting from Recycle and Landfill?

Most businesses will not realize how many plastic bottles they consume in a typical year...just in cleaning products alone. The average bottle and sprayer only weighs around 100 grams. When you consider the millions upon millions of bottles sold per year in North America the trash stack is literally a mountain that would weigh in the millions, more than likely the hundreds of millions of pounds!

Recycled Plastics Bale

It's being recycled, who cares?

Only the bottle is recyclable, the sprayers are not. Half of the weight is therefore trash. It's better than trash after one use, agreed but there is a carbon footprint to recycling, and a rather large one. If we can reuse good quality bottles and sprayers instead of the super-cheap ones that come on the bottles in retail stores say, 100 times. Then we've taken out 100 sprayers from the landfills equaling 10 pounds of garbage. Now that doesn't sound like a lot but if you multiply that by 10,000, to make 1 Million sprayers not in landfills, and 100,000 lbs never going to the we can see the power of this. Now use the real 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) sprayers = 100,000,000 pounds diverted...over time of course. The off-shore manufacturers of these products will not be happy, they will lose sales and profits. But we'd even be helping clean up their air pollution issues!

Add to this the fact that 100,000 bottles didn't have to be picked up, unloaded and put down conveyers etc and then sold for recycled plastic like all of the other billions of pounds of recycled plastic that is sitting waiting to be used up. 

Industrial recycling footprint

Where's MY (or MY company's) money-saving impact?

Beyond the environmental impact, our program offers a financial benefit. By eliminating the constant need for new plastic containers, and RTU (ready-to-use) products being shipped all over the country creating large carbon footprints and no need for running up large freight bills, you'll see substantial savings up front and especially over time. The improved bottom line will be noticeable, and you'll have a sustainability implementation going in your business. YES, while saving money!

Disposable vs non-disposable bottle

What will our Health & Safety officers think about this?

They will love it. Our focus is not only on environmental sustainability, but human sustainability. Why have one without the other?

We only use the best products available and we will asses what you do today, help your H&S officers create, amend, or repair current protocols and all SDS data will be up to date. 

Why is this EMPIRE's aim, you're a business, not a charity?

Imagine the difference we can make together - not just for your business but for the planet. By adopting our eco-friendly solutions, you'll be part of a movement that saves hundreds of bottles and hundreds of pounds of plastics per business from being discarded needlessly.

What our part is in all of this is that we here are as concerned as anyone about the health and well-being of our planet for generations to come.

Light in Soil


Join us in reshaping the future of our own sustainability. Try the CleanSmart Program, there is truly nothing to lose and much to gain. 

Reducing plastic waste will become a transformational journey for both your business and the planet. It's a phrase that's almost uninspiring to most of us, but after I heard the term "Global Boiling" I really hit a wall. I'm inspired now. Get inspired with me. 

Let's work together towards a greener, cleaner, and more responsible tomorrow. Take the first step with CleanSmart Program today!

Plastic Iceberg