CleanSmart Program

Embark on a new era of sustainable cleaning practices with the CleanSmart Program. Experience the power of eco-friendly solutions that will both elevate your cleaning routines and also make an impact on the environment. Explore a range of high-quality products at prices that don't just save you money but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Join us in reshaping the future of cleaning practices. Products include:   (click on product to go to individual page)

**Surface & Glass**
- Glass & Cleaner 
- All-Purpose Cleaner 
- Heavy-Duty Surface Cleaner & Spotter

**Floors & Carpets**
- Floor Cleaner - Pour full bottle into your 32 L to 40 L mop bucket 

**Washroom Cleaners**
- Washroom & Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner

- No-rinse Sanitizer
- Grout & Tile Cleaner 

**Disinfection & Odour Control**
- Neutral Disinfectant & Odour Control (No bleach or chlorine)
- Deodorizer

- HD Degreaser

**SC Johnson TruShot 2.0** (More info)
Multi-Surface & Glasse Cleaner (equal to 43 - 946 mL bottles)
- Restroom Cleaner (equal to 18 - 946 mL bottles)

- Hard Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant (equal to 28 - 946 mL bottles)
- Power Cleaner & Degreaser (equal to 13 - 946 mL bottles)

By participating in this refill program, you'll actively contribute to reducing plastic waste. By refilling bottles purchased at our store you'll be reusing plastic bottles and sprayers thereby eliminating plastic from recycling centres and landfills after only a single use in most cases with Ready-To-Use (RTU) products. This is an opportunity to embrace sustainable practices while enjoying the ease and effectiveness of top-quality cleaning products. Together, we're transforming the way we clean and care for our environment. Welcome to the CleanSmart Program, where impact meets affordability!