Wipes - not all are equal

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Wipes - not all are equal

Wipes have become popular for good reasons: they are easy to use, the pre-moistened towel means you don’t need dry towels and a cleaner or sanitizer/disinfectant and they are easily disposable once you are finished.

Obviously there is the convenience factor to wipes but many will argue the environmental impact they can have…more garbage going to a landfill.

The smart wipe vendors have figured out compostable substrates and are using recyclable packaging so most of this becomes less concerning. Still, as a user you want high quality and performance before you want to consider the environmental impact of wipes. 

There are a lot of well known brands of wipes in the marketplace with a LOT of marketing dollars behind them like Lysol, Clorox, 3M, Cavi, Oxivir and those are just from the very large manufacturers. Then there are hundreds of brands from hundreds of manufacturers using many qualities of wipe substrates and many, sometimes dubious, qualities of sanitizers and disinfectants. So what do you choose?

We go for VALUE. Value isn’t cheap. We’ve done that and been stuck with wipes that were trash. Literally we’ve given them away!

Value is a like a triangle, or funnel: quality, performance, vendor integrity / reputation and finally price all combine to get to that final Value Quotient. (VQ)

VQ means nothing to someone who wants cheap-wipes. They could care less about quality or performance of the wipe. It also means little to an entity that states a particular brand in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Price doesn’t matter, they buy what they must buy. 

We use VQ to present what we feel is the best options to our customers. We do this with all products, but pertaining to wipes specifically Certainty Brands has a line of wipes that speaks Value all the way through. Compostable, Medical TB, Disinfecting with different chemistry for different applications. All represent great value because of the high Quality & Performance for a Reasonable Price. Not cheapest you’ll find, not the most expensive…the best value for sure. 

Check our lineup of Certainty Brands wipes for what I feel is the best value in the marketplace right now.