3 Reasons to Use Dilution Control for Cleaning Chemicals

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3 Reasons to Use Dilution Control for Cleaning Chemicals

Keeping commercial facilities clean is not only important for maintaining a positive image but also for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for both employees and customers. Using the right cleaning products in the correct proportion is essential to achieving this goal, but measuring cleaning chemicals manually can be time-consuming, lead to waste and errors, and compromise the health and safety of custodial staff

Ready-to-use non-concentrated chemicals can be a quick and convenient solution, but they come with several drawbacks. First, they often require more storage space, leading to higher inventory costs. Second, they are usually more expensive than concentrated products, resulting in higher chemical costs in the long run. Finally, ready-to-use products can expose custodial staff to unnecessary health and safety risks, such as chemical spills, inhalation of fumes, and skin irritation.

Health & Safety Benefits 

In contrast, chemical proportioning systems offer several health and safety benefits. These systems use highly concentrated cleaning chemicals that are diluted on-site, eliminating the need for custodial staff to handle concentrated chemicals. This reduces the risk of chemical spills, splashes, and inhalation of fumes, making it a safer option for cleaning staff. Additionally, chemical proportioning systems are designed to ensure that cleaning chemicals are mixed in the correct proportion every time, minimizing the risk of overexposure to harmful chemicals.

Reducing Environmental Impact 

Furthermore, chemical proportioning systems can help reduce the environmental impact of cleaning operations. Concentrated products require less packaging and transportation, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and less waste. Additionally, by eliminating the need for manual measurement and reducing waste, chemical proportioning systems promote sustainable practices and can help organizations achieve their environmental goals.

Higher Quality Lower Cost

For example, the Enviro-Solutions system by Charlotte Products only requires two chemicals to provide a cleaning solution for more than 95% of a facility. One chemical takes care of light to heavy-duty cleaning with cloth and brushes, cleaning of floors with mop & bucket or autoscrubber, while the second is a disinfectant that is excellent as a neutral cleaner, anti-fungicide, anti-mildew, excellent mold killer, bacteriacide, antiviral, and more. 

The system is highly concentrated, and its internal metering system ensures perfect dilution for each job. The "in-use" or diluted costs are kept to a minimum for the end-user. Using this system results in outstanding benefits, including the use of only two chemical SKUs to clean and disinfect 95% or more of the facility, resulting in lower inventory of these chemicals, less training for staff, limited handling (none) of concentrated chemicals, pre-mix takes guesswork and measurements out staff's hands, low "in-use" cost to the end-user, resulting in potential substantial long-term savings in chemical and in a reduction of labor costs and freeing up time for other important tasks.

In conclusion, chemical proportioning systems are a valuable tool for any facility looking to improve cleaning effectiveness while reducing costs. By eliminating the need for manual measurement, these systems improve efficiency and reduce waste, while ensuring that cleaning chemicals are used in the correct proportion every time. If you're looking to streamline your custodial operations and achieve a cleaner, safer facility, consider investing in a chemical proportioning system today. 

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